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Top 25 Music Chart

Welcome to MuseBoat Radio Top 25 Chart page.


Here you can find 25 the most popular songs on MuseBoat Radio based on votes at top 100 songs. Top 25 Chart show takes place every other Wednesday at 10pm London, 5pm New York, 2pm Las Vegas, 7pm Rio de Janeiro, 9am Sydney time. 

Join us in the chatroom to listen to the best music on MuseBoat Radio.

Vote for your favourite artist every day and as many times as you like. 

Read our simple Voting Terms!


To get your favourite music to our Top 100 list and possibly to Top 25, 

song has to be requested by listeners as many times as possible.

The more song requests song gets, the sooner you can listen to that in Song Requests Show and our Top 25 Chart every other Thursday.

Congrats Everyone In The Chart !


Vote for your favourite song in Top 100 list

How to get to Top 100

If you cannot find your favourite artist 

in this poll, nominate YOURS !


Send as many song requests as possible.

It´s that easy and no registration is needed.


Just use our REQUEST SONG tab to pick up your favs.

We accept artists from MuseBoat Radio 24/7 rotation only.

Voting Terms

Here is an extract of the most important tips and terms what our listeners should know when voting for their favourite songs in Andy´s MBMC Top 25 Music Chart. 


1. Top 25 Music Chart is the list of 25 the most popular songs on MuseBoat Radio based on 100 the most popular songs list.


2. Every song needs as many song requests as possible to get to the Top 100 list. Website visitors are welcomed to vote for their favourite songs at Song Requests page first. We recommend artists to join our chatroom, where they can find new core fans and friends. 


3. To encourage listeners to vote for fantastic music, we produce Song Requests LISTEN & CHAT show where we introduce 20 the most popular songs on MuseBoat Radio in the last two weeks. Show takes place every Monday.


4. Song Requests show is a doorway to 100 the most popular songs updated monthly.    

5. We feature 25 the best songs on MuseBoat Radio in Andy´s MBMC Top 25 Chart Show every other Wednesday. 


6. Chart show is based ONLY on votes from radio listeners sent to us from this website page. 


7. Every artist from 24/7 rotation has opportunity to get only one song to our chart. Song is nominated by its popularity   measured by request show plays. 


8. Every #1, #2 and #3 song in our Top 25 Chart show will get free airplay 8 times every at the end of LISTEN & CHAT show. All #1 artists will get to our radio Hall of Fame.


9. We accept songs only from MuseBoat Radio 24/7 rotation. Do not send us song requests for artists we do not play.


10. Top 100 songs list is valid for one month. Songs what didn´t receive any vote in more then one month will leave the list. 


11. Using of robots to send us more votes without visiting our website will result in excluding such votes from our countdown. You bet we will find it out.

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